List of Services

  1. law office imageA cost free analysis of your practice and a fair evaluation for the right Successor.
  2. Presentation and selective distribution of the Practice Opportunity in a safe anonymous prospectus approved by the selling or merging attorney.
  3. Screening of prospective people so that every meeting will be a good use of your time.
  4. Identifying the salient elements of the Practice and focusing the participants on a thorough but succinct process to set up the arrangements that will benefit all parties.
  5. Educating and nurturing the Parties during and after the deal making process.
  6. Preparing Focus Agendas for meetings and maintaining momentum.
  7. Avoiding large time gaps between progress points and averting the “stale periods”
    that produce deal atrophy.
  8. Advising parties to terminate discussions when appropriates.
  9. Drafting cogent term sheets that convey all the essential features of the deal.
  10. Designing due diligence reviews to fit the nature of the practices seeking combination.
  11. Individually designed Documentation for the combination intended.
  12. Planning and assisting transition materials and process for clients.


  • R. Bernstein, JD, New York

    “I am very pleased with the services I received from Max Krotman. I benefited from the opportunity to absorb the clients who had been serviced by the attorney who was suddenly retiring. The retiring attorney gained income that would have been lost otherwise. His clients obtained instant service and were not left to forage for themselves. And I was able to pick up some very solid long term business and referral sources that have added to my practice.”

  • M. Biggiani, J.D. New York

    I have been practicing for over 20 years and regard Max Krotman, Esq. as a trusted advisor who provides a wealth of knowledge to practitioners seeking to retire or to grow their practices.  His vast experience and training is a huge advantage to anyone seeking to retain him.

  • I. Grossbach, J.D.,  New York

    I can give Law Practice Connect a strong endorsement.  I have worked with Max Krotman for 20 years.   He has helped me with introductions to the appropriate people and then effected 2 successful merger/acquisitions for me that are working out for all the parties.  His ability to construct a simple, understandable deal and then supply readable acceptable documentation makes the process manageable as well as successful.

  • M. Alexander, J.D. , Connecticut

    I have only known Max Krotman for less than 2 years, but having worked with him intensively, I can strongly recommend his professionalism and sensitivity to the needs of our partners.  He works persistently, but without becoming pushy and offensive.   His attention to detail and his care about our long term consequences have been extremely useful to help us negotiate wisely and to process our own internal decisions.

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